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Things You Should Know About Ancestral Tablets in Singapore

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Important Things You Should Know About Ancestral Tablets In Singapore

event 21 March 2023

A spirit tablet, memorial tablet, or ancestral tablet is a commemorative plaque utilized to identify the location of a deity or a previous ancestor, and also to enshrine them. The name of the god or a past ancestor is often inscribed on the tablets.

The spirit tablet, which has its roots in ancient Chinese culture, is a familiar sight in many nations of the Sinosphere where any type of ancestor veneration is practiced. Spirit tablets are customary ceremonial items that may be found all across Mainland China and Taiwan in temples, shrines, and domestic altars.

Ancestor worship includes the usage of this tablets, also known as spirit tablets, which are widespread in Taoist families.

The name of the ancestor or deity being honored is often engraved on a piece of wood. These are typically placed at altars where joss sticks, fruit, or cakes can be presented as a form of worship in Singaporean Chinese houses that observe Taoism.

We are bringing back the custom of preserving a family tablet in memory of your ancestors so you may maintain your connection with them and pass it on to future generations. And that is why we provide stunning ancestral tablet Singapore that are crafted from the best-imported materials and then shown in opulent memorial halls. In Chinese tradition, honoring your ancestors is said to enable them to continue benefiting you and your family long after they have passed away. Filial piety is a highly esteemed attribute.

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How Should I Handle an Ancestral Tablet?

Some of you may have a tablet or pictures of your ancestors at home, and you may pray and make gifts to them every day in the same way you would to the local deities. Some of you could keep it in a temple that you only visit on holidays like today or on the anniversary of a loved one’s passing.

One thing to keep in mind in case you’re going about it improperly is that the tablet or pictures of your ancestors should never be placed higher on the altar than the statues of the gods.

Because people, whether alive or dead, will always be in an inferior position and because deities hold a higher rank, the tablet and images of the ancestors should never be placed higher out of respect.

Homes in Singapore frequently have tablets or images belonging to ancestors. Today, we won’t discuss why this is the case; instead, we’ll discuss how to handle these items if you fall under one of the following categories:

  • You want to sell your existing apartment
  • If you aren’t relocating yet and don’t want to pray at home, how do you pray to the tablets or pictures of your ancestors?

Should I Keep The Ancestor’s Tablet in The Memorial Chapel or at My House?

It’s better to place your loved ones tablet in Singapore at a dedicated place like us, because –

  • At our memorial parks, the feng shui is excellent
  • Your ancestors get year-round continuous chanting and prayers that provide them with the highest serenity and tranquility
  • On the first and fifteenth of every lunar month, devoted monks will chant mantras
  • Continually available security
  • Always maintain proper maintenance
  • Our memorial halls host annual enlightenment rituals every year to provide a release to the spirits of the deceased
  • You and your family will feel more at ease knowing that your ancestors are remembered and cared for

Yet, if for whatever reason you still don’t have a location to keep these tablets or images, you might want to think about your alternatives below:

Place these objects at the temple where the deceased are kept temporarily on a rental basis.
Of course, the same straightforward 3-step approach has to be followed when you’re ready to relocate to a new home. This time, though, the first relocation is to the Temple and the second move is to your new apartment. Finally, you must make sure to feed your ancestors each week that they are buried in the Temple.

Why Choose us?

At the Nirvana Memorial Garden, there is a special area where you may pick and erect a contemporary ancestor tablet and go there whenever you choose. To make it unique for your ancestors, you may engrave names on it and put photographs on it.

Ancestors’ tablet Singapore’s blend of ancient and modern elements is delicate. It features a wooden frame and front glass that is transparent. The size of the ancestor tablet varies, although they are often of ordinary size. The size also depends on how much you are ready to spend on an tablet.

In order to bless the entire location for both your ancestors and people who visit, the devoted suite also has Buddha sculptures and beloved tablets. Buddhist melodies are played frequently and continuously to generate a harmonious atmosphere.

You will receive a traditional and modern-made ancestor tablet from us, with a flowing design that includes a lotus blossom. The tablet will be embellished with Mandela flowers, which stand for luck, plenty, and peace.