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Fugui Shanzhuang

What is Fugui Shanzhuang?

Nirvana Memorial Garden, locally known as Fugui Shahnzhuang, is the most famous memorial garden in Singapore.

Fugui Shazhuang follows the perfect Feng Shui pattern as it has an ideal location with surrounding buildings and lush green gardens. It is a perfect place for the deceased to lay in peace and a pleasant place for their families to visit them.

It is so popular locally and internationally that it has achieved the status of a tourist attraction where people come to experience the traditional culture. Moreover, it also provides 6-star luxuries as per the international standards, contributing to its reputation.

The Location:

Nirvana Memorial Garden is situated on the western side of Singapore, with its premises stretching from northwest to southeast. The area is divided into three blocks: block A, B, and C. Block is the central block and has a vast hall.

The location provides Feng Shui, and one can experience peace and calm as soon as he enters the premises from the road.

The Construction:

The construction of Nirvana Memorial Garden Fugui Shznhuang is probably the most highlighted feature of the complex. The building has managed to achieve a perfect blend between traditions and modernity.

The building follows traditional Chinese architecture and provides the feel of rich Asian culture. It also has various elements for other local cultures and religions, but the Chinese touch is dominant.

Despite being densely traditional, Nirvana Memorial Garden is loaded with all the modern facilities and has been constructed with due attention to cater to all the needs of its visitors.

It has a dedicated visiting area for visitors to sit and relax. It also features a cafeteria where you can enjoy quality meals with your family.

The Environment:

Its surroundings and culture mostly preset the environment of Nirvana Memorial Garden Fugui Shahzhuang, and the rest is taken care of by its dedicated and active maintenance staff.

The complex is away from all the hustle and bustle of urban life and has a peaceful, calm, and relaxing feel. The gardens with various tree species and plants that are intentionally planted for their healing properties provide a light feeling to the visitors.

The rest of the complex also follows the same rules and is always neat and clean. The environment is controlled to bring tranquility and provide an ideal resting place to the deceased, which is why it is the first choice for every Singaporean as a columbarium.

For further serenity, there will be regular chanting to provide comfort to the deceased and their families. You will also hear Buddhists’ songs playing in Nirvana Memorial Garden.

The Purpose:

The primary purpose that Nirvana Memorial Garden Fugui Shanzhuang serves is that of a columbarium. It has around 28 suites, each with urn niches.

Each suite follows a different theme and caters to all major religions of Singapore that allow cremation, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Christianity, and freethinkers. Most of the suites are dedicated to Buddhism, while three niches are allotted explicitly to freethinkers’ urns which Christians and Catholics can also use.

There is also a suite dedicated to ancestral tablets where families visit their loved ones who have passed away. The suite has a surreal environment with a wooden ancestral tablet with a flowing water design with a lotus in it. The tablets are decorated with mandala flowers that bring blessings and good luck to the ancestors and their next generations.

The suite also has statues of Buddha to bless the environment, particularly the ones having their tablets there and the families who visit them.

This suite experiences regular chanting, and the Buddhism songs are also played there regularly.

Besides a final resting place, you can also get arrangements for complete funeral services here, regardless of the religion or belief system you follow, as Nirvana Memorial Garden Fugui Shanzhuang is open for all and respects every religion.