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Ancestral Tablets

Ancestral Tablets



An ancestral tablet Singapore has its origin in the ancient Chinese culture. As per the legend, a farmer in China whose father passed away in early childhood and was raised by his mother.

The farmer was rude to his mother and would often misbehave. He would shout and scream at her for pretty things.

One day, the farmer was going to work in his field when he saw a lamb kneeling and drinking its mother’s milk. The farmer realized that if a lamb can kneel to drink its mother’s milk and respect her so much, he has no right to be rude to her mother like this. That day, he decided to apologize to his mother and behave nicely from thereon.

The farmer was waiting for his mother to come into the field and bring him his lunch to apologize to her. But on the way to the field, the mother got late.While crossing a river, she was afraid that her son would shout at her and be angry, making her lose her balance and fall into the river.

The farmer saw his mother falling into the river and rushed to help her. When he reached the river, he found out that the river had flown her away.

The farmer immediately jumped into the river to search for his mother, but he could not find her. Instead, the only thing that he could find was a wooden stick.

In his attempt to find closure, the farmer brought that wooden stick home and engraved his mother’s name on it. He put that stick in his home and started talking to it as she was his mother.

The farmer’s act soon became famous among the locals, and whenever someone from the community passed away, his family would bring a wooden stick at home and engrave it with the deceased name.

This is how the ancestral tablet became a funeral ritual among the Chinese and eventually made its place in the culture. Soon, the practice was adopted by other related cultures, laying the basis of ancestral tablet Singapore.

But nowadays, this glorious practice to remember your ancestors and keep them close seems to be fading because of various factors such as ancestral tablet price in Singapore, lack of cultural awareness, and shortage of space in the houses.

Ancestral tablet Singapore:

We are reviving the practice of keeping an ancestral tablet in the memory of your ancestors so that you can keep your bond with them established and pass it on to the next generations

There is a dedicated suite in Nirvana memorial garden where you can choose and put a modern ancestral tablet and visit it whenever you want. You can also engrave it with names and display pictures on it to personalize it for your ancestors.

Our ancestral tablet Singapore has a delicate balance of traditional and modern make. It has a wooden structure with clear glass on the front. The dimensions of the ancestral tablet vary, but most of them come in average size. The size also depends upon the ancestral tablet price you are willing to pay.

The dedicated suite also has Buddha statues in it along with ancestral tablets so that the whole place is blessed both for your ancestors and for those who visit the place. There is also continuous chanting and regular playing of Buddhist songs to create a harmonic feel.

The suite containing the ancestral tablet Singapore is air-conditioned and regularly cleaned to make your visit pleasant.All of this is included in the ancestral tablet price.


If you get your ancestral tablet from us, you will get the traditional and contemporary make with flowing design containing the Lotus flower. The tablet will be decorated with Mandela flowers that represent good luck, prosperity, and peace

Moreover, a typical ancestral tablet has eight slots for both pictures and names you can choose from the below options:

  • Two names and two photos
  • Four names and four photos
  • Six names and two photos

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