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Nirvana Singapore Promotion


Singapore is a religiously diverse country with significant populations belonging to Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, and even Hinduism and Sikhism. But the majority of the population belongs to either Buddhism or Taoism, and Singapore is also seeing a significant increase in the freethinking segment of the population.

Because of such diversity, there are many choices one can opt for when it comes to funeral services. Buddhism and Taoism allow both cremation and burial, whereas Christians, catholic, and freethinkers can also have the choice of going for either.

But are both the options the same, or does one have the edge over the other? Here is how they differ, along with the Nirvana Singapore promotion benefits:

Burial Vs. Cremation:

Unless it is a religious obligation, cremation has its merits over burial, especially in Singapore. In 2007, the national environmental agencies replaced the existing policies by introducing a new burial system.

The new system gave rise to the need for Nirvana Singapore promotion as it outlawed burial for over 15 years. It was made mandatory that the mortal remains must be exhumed from the grave and either cremated or shifted to a new burial plot after this period. Cremation turned out to be the obvious choice for most people as buying a new burial plot was not feasible after every 15 years.

Moreover, many people started tipping towards cremation as their first choice because it is a one-step process and involves a one-time investment only. Plus, it also provides the same benefits that only burial offered previously unless the introduction of Nirvana Singapore promotion.

Here is how it changed the process:

Nirvana Singapore Promotion:

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides dedicated suites with themed niches where you can keep the cremated ashes of your loved ones after storing them in an urn.

Nirvana Singapore promotion provided Singaporeans with a place to visit their loved ones after cremation whenever they miss them or feel like spending some time with them.

It also comes with top-class maintenance services and a Feng Shui location that provides ultimate peace and tranquility to the deceased, along with a pleasant environment for their families when they visit them.

Moreover, Nirvana Memorial Garden is equipped with all the amenities that one can expect in a 6-star facility as per international standards. It comes with air conditioning to make the visit pleasant and features a cafeteria to enjoy quality meals.

The suites also cater to all the religions in Singapore that allow cremation and have dedicated rooms for Buddhist, Taoist, Christians, Catholic, and freethinker ashes.

There are also regular spiritual and religious practices at the facility to bless the visiting families and the deceased with daily chanting and displaying Buddha statues.