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Taoist Funeral Services

Taoist Funeral Services

Taoist Funeral

Parting from loved ones isn’t easy. But it does not mean you can let go of their funeral or manage it ordinarily. You have to provide them with the care and memorial that they deserve.

This is where Taoist Funeral Singapore can help in providing the tribute that your loved ones actually deserve. With the high-quality service, you can say goodbye to your friends or family members with a positive attitude without worrying about arranging everything yourself.

At Nirvana, you can decide upon the type of funeral you want to give your loved one. It can range from a magnificent one to the simplified one. You can choose it based on your family preferences.

We do not only provide Taoist funeral services but also help in creating customized arrangements, mainly depending upon your traditions and customs.

What are the main customs and rituals involved in Taoist funerals?

In Taoism, people associate death with immortality and transformation. So, the rituals and customs for the special occasion must reflect this understanding, and all the procedures must be according to these concepts. At Nirvana, you can get the best planning facility, professional advice, and implementation help to manage the best last event for your loved ones.

Another thing that we specially take care of is the difference in the rituals of the funeral services in multiple dialects include: Teochew, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, and Hainanese. We understand that in each of these groups, the rituals and best practices are different. No one would like to deviate from those rituals as they are known for forgiving the old sins and smoothening of the journey.

In most scenarios, the funeral services extend from one day to seven days, helping you decide upon the extravagance of the ceremony. Taoist rituals believe that the departed soul visits the home on the seventh day of demise, so like everyone, if you wish to make it a memorable moment in your life and for your departed one, you must not settle for anything less than the best.

Moreover, the prayer and memorial preparation and services and procession services are a few of the main rituals that you should primarily take care of during the funeral ceremony.

What services are part of Taoist Funeral Singapore?

Do you want to know the services that are part of Taoist Funeral Singapore? Here’s the list:

  1. Embalming Handling & Uncoffin Service
  2. Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  3. Coordination of Taoist Funeral Service, Ritual & Memorial Ceremony
  4. Funeral Procession Service
  5. After Care Service

There is a range of options within each of these services available to make the perfect choice for your parted ones.

What are the different ceremonial events part of the Taoist funeral?

Below are the main events that you should be ready to manage at the funeral of your loved one:

  • Altar Set-Up
  • Prayer Items, i.e., Sacred Lamp and Candles
  • Fruit offerings
  • Funeral Lanterns and Paper Houses

We can handle the provision of all the items that you’ll need in completing these rituals. Besides, you can add as many traditions as you want to the overall ceremony. After all, making the funeral special is what every family wants to achieve.

Why choose Nirvana?

Nirvana is the name you can trust for your loved ones. From following the rituals in the truest sense to the addition of customized funeral services, Nirvana can handle it all.

Getting all the Taoist funeral Singapore services under one roof, you can coordinate all the events accordingly and expect to generate extraordinary value. The meaning and tradition of providing the funeral services for your deceased to expect forgiveness from the sins and transition into immortality are what we care for and help you attain it.

In these difficulties, our religious and professional services will provide you with an easy to get through this part of your life.

At Nirvana, we take care of your loved ones like special guests and treat them accordingly. You can rely on us and let us help you in this moment of grief.

Besides, our services are reasonably priced to make them feasible for you. Different packages and pay rates are part of our services to make the selection easier more valuable.

Moreover, our professional and trained staff is available to guide you through the process after death while offering high-quality service to the deceased.

When should you call us?

The best time to call is when one of your loved ones has passed, and you want to arrange a funeral, especially for this purpose. You might also book a funeral in advance, stating your needs, and we can handle the rest. Give us a call to get more information about the packages and the same service we offer.

Taoist FAQs

  1. Is a Taoist funeral the same as a Buddhist funeral?

Many people often confuse a Taoist funeral with a Buddhist funeral because of the similarity of the concept of reincarnation between both religions and because both are allowed to either bury or cremate the dead bodies.

However, both have different approaches towards the concept and hence have different funeral ceremonies, rituals, and last rites.

  1. Why do Taoists burn their clothes after a funeral?

Taoists believe that the dead will transform into a new life after death; they burn his clothes after burials. Moreover, the attendants also burn the clothes that they wore to the funeral.

It is done as a self-less practice and gesture, perceived as an offering of your belongings and the dead belongings in this life, aimed at providing good means for him in the next life.

  1. Why do Taoists keep a chair empty in funeral meals?

After the families have buried or cremated the dead body, they move on towards having a meal together. Taoists believe that death is not an end and the dead will be given a new life, so they keep a chair empty, believing that the dead will visit them and share their meal with them.

  1. What is the significance of 49 days mourning period in Taoist funerals?

Usually, a Taoist funeral lasts for seven days, but the mourning continues for 49 days. The 49-day mourning period is of particular significance, especially for the family and friends of the deceased who are not allowed to cut their hair in this period.