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Columbarium Block B

Columbarium Block B

Suite-2-怀恩阁 The statue of Buddha places inside this suite offer blessings and best wishes for all present. 这间套房内的佛像雕像为所有在场的人们提供祝福。

Suite-5A-颂恩阁 The sitting area is as tempting as the rest and families gathered here cannot resist the temptation to extend their visits. 聚集在这里的家庭无法抗拒延长访问。

Suite-6A-永恩阁 Elegantly designed and emits a peaceful and welcoming tone. 设计典雅,散发出宁静温馨的气氛。

Suite-7B-亲恩阁 Enables visitors to tap their respective cards and the niche panel lights up immediately showing them the position of their niches. 访问者可以点击各自的卡,灵位面板会亮灯,展示位置。

Suite-8A 云恩阁 Being the one in Block A that does not lean on any religion and the only niche design with a flower. 作为A座中不依赖任何宗教的骨灰位。

Suite-2-怀恩阁 The statue of Buddha places inside this suite offer blessings and best wishes for all present. 这间套房内的佛像雕像为所有在场的人们提供祝福。

Burial vs Cremation?

National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore introduced the New Burial System (NBS) in 2007, limiting the burial time in the public cemetery for 15 years. After 15 years, the grave will be exhumed and one will have 2 choices: get another plot to re-bury or cremate the remaining.

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is the only Singapore cemetery that still accepts grave burials. Most of the Singaporean will prefer having cremation in Mandai Crematorium.

Deciding how to handle loved one’s cremated ashes?

When a loved one is cremated, one might not sure what to do with the urn and the remains. Placing urn at home is somehow inappropriate for one or family members. Many people find that this is not their first choice and would like to commence with a full funeral service despite the cremation. While it is quite romantic to think about possibly spreading the loved one’s remains in their favorite place or out at sea or inland, most people may not want to do that as one will not have second chance to “re-gather” back the remains for remembrance whenever possible. Thus, many families have turned toward the option of interning the urn in

  • check A ground-breaking date is selected after consultations with the deceased family and the holding facility;
  • check The people who must be present at the site, grave or columbarium, include the deceased immediate family, Chanting Master (Shifu), and company’s relocation master;
  • check The Chanting Master (Shifu) leads the ground-breaking ceremony and worship rituals.
  • check The relocation master proceeds to exhume, clean, and pack the remains. In the case of ashes, the relocation master proceeds to open the niche and pack the urn/urns appropriately.

What is a Columbarium (or Columbaria)?

The Columbarium, also called Columbaria, is a sacred final resting place. It could refer to a room or wall, that built with columbarium niches. Nirvana Memorial Garden currently has up to total 28 columbarium suite rooms. Every room consists of columbarium in unique theme. The themes of the columbarium are well-designed to meet the preference of Buddhist, Taoist or Free-Thinker. Most of suites are Buddhist Columbarium. There are 3 Free Thinker Columbarium suites, suitable for family members of Christians, Catholic, etc. Nirvana Singapore is expanding the structure of the buildings, so that more columbarium could be constructed to cater for the increasing demand in Singapore.