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Casket Services

A casket is a mandatory part of a funeral; it acts as the container for the mortal remains of the deceased. It goes with the deceased in burial or cremation, but it is also used for the funeral attendants to have a last look at the deceased.

These points make Singapore casket services vital as the casket will be included in the last image of the deceased in the minds of friends and family. It will also be put to rest in them, so it is the last thing that will hold their body.

But the problem is that the death of a loved one is a tough situation, and many people find it hard to care for the right casket. Plus, they do not have the experience of buying caskets, so they end up getting ripped off and purchasing a casket of questionable quality not suitable for the purpose.

We provide Singapore casket services along with our funeral services so that your loved one gets the farewell he deserves, with respect and grace. We ensure to make all types of casket available for you, suitable for the final stages of the funeral, and durable for a long time.

Singapore Casket Services Options:

We provide Singapore casket services with a number of choices and options. You can find opportunities in quality and manufacturing material, each suitable for a particular purpose.

Here is what you can find in our range:

  1. Metal Caskets:

Metal caskets, as is obvious, are the strongest and the most durable ones. But their durability also depends upon the type of metal used in them.

Typically, we use brass or copper to manufacture our metal caskets as these materials are rust and dust proof. They provide high resistance against environmental elements and are suitable for burials.

Because of their quality, they are also the most prestigious and expensive ones. Their weight of metal per foot generally calculates their price. But they are less commonly used because of their lack of suitability for cremation.

  1. Wooden Caskets:

Our Singapore casket services include the provision of wooden caskets as they are most commonly used in Singapore for their suitability for both burial and cremation.

The make of wooden caskets is solid and gives a firm and robust look. The most common manufacturing material is hardwood, typically from oak, mahogany, or veneer.

Wooden caskets made of these woods are considered to be of better quality and hence are priced higher, but there are also are some more economical options available such as wooden caskets made up of pinewood and poplar wood.

  1. Green Caskets:

Green caskets are the up-and-coming casket type in our Singapore casket services. As the name specifies, green caskets are made up of eco-friendly material that can easily be disposed of and create any pollution.

Green caskets are most commonly made up of bamboo, hemp, or other materials and are widely used in western countries. They are not yet available in Singapore, but we are trying our best to check the feasibilities and make their availability possible.

Rest assured, as soon as the pathways are clear; we will be the first to introduce them in Singapore.

  1. Gasketed Vs. Non-Gasketed:

We have both gasketed and non-gasketed variants of caskets available. However, we want to bust a myth that gasketed caskets can preserve the body by cutting off its contact with the environment.

They can certainly delay the process by keeping water and dust from entering the casket, but the air still passes through them, so decomposition is inevitable.

  1. Interior Lining:

Like the exterior, you can also find a range of interior lining options in our Singapore casket services.

The interior lining is where the mortal remains rest, so it must be soft yet luxurious. We use velvet, cotton, or satin lining. You can choose one of these materials and also pick a color of your choice for them.